Every Technology Startup Entrepreneur should Watch Movie ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ to Learn from its Dialogues


Anything you do requires great skills to do it

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Success and failure are not permanent. They can come at any stage of one’s life.

Success is a menace. It fools smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

Everyone has their own USP. People are bound to come to you if your product or service is different from others.

You know how you survive? You make people need you. You survive because you make them need what you have. And then they have no where else to go.

Only visionary people can predict the future demands.

Steve – it is Steve, right? You say this gadget of yours is for ordinary people. What on earth would ordinary people want with computers?

In this open world every company need to have collaboration with other companies.

Now, we know that IBM has set up this place to complete head-on with Apple, and that you’re gearing up to come out with a personal computer that will wipe them out. So we can get you an operating system.

Sometime you sense early what your product or service is going to do.

This is amazing. Not just amazing, it’s historic. It should be taught in all the history books. Hung and framed in the National Gallery or something, because this is the instant of creation of one of the greatest fortunes in the history of the world.

Experts are always proved wrong.

The profits are in the computers themselves, not this software stuff.

Some people are quite unique and strange.

You’re the only guy I know who pays strippers to put their clothes on!

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