Great Tips to Learn from Quotes of Bruce Schneier – World Renowned Cryptographer, Computer Security Specialist, and Writer

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

There’s nothing called 100% security

I believe the internet will never be secure. But that’s okay. The real world is an insecure place. Anybody can kill anybody they wanted to. Yet we all live pretty much happy lives. . . . So the internet will be no more secure than walking through the streets.

Develop interest and be expert in the field you like the most

I came to security as a cryptographer, as a mathematician.

Sometime life gives its options

I got into the field almost by accident though.

Do things which you love doing

I have always been interested in cryptography and have long pursued it as a hobby.

Security still remains a big concern

I think it’s more fundamental than the people who are building the software not taking security seriously.

Continue doing good work, rest will follow

I was writing freelance computer articles for a living and found that I enjoyed writing cryptography articles for the magazine Dr. Dobb’s Journal.

This is where we trust others more than us

In our society, we trust others to make those determinations for us. We trust government licensing and certification programs. We trust reviewing organizations like Consumers Union. We trust the recommendations of our friends and colleagues. We trust experts.

Some truths

In our specialized and technological society, you can’t tell good from bad products and services in a lot of areas. You can’t tell a structurally sound aircraft from an unsafe one. You can’t tell a good engineer from a charlatan. You can’t tell a good pharmaceutical product from snake oil.

Potential risks

Our newly computerized voting systems are vulnerable to attack by both individual hackers and government-sponsored cyberwarriors. It is only a matter of time before such an attack happens.

Some grey areas

There are lots of examples of problems that cryptography doesn’t solve.

Misuse for benefit

There’s a potential of abuse by governments, by corporations, whether for purposes of social control, whether purposes of manipulation and advertising.


We know that people who are under constant surveillance are more conformist, that they’re less individual, less free.

Hard reality

Well, the harm is that you’re under constant scrutiny.

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