Kerala (India) based security researcher Hemanth Joseph has found bug in Apple iOS that helped him to bypass the activation lock in ipad

Pic: The Quint

The activation lock bypass could no longer be considered difficult. Hemanth Joseph from the state of Kerala has caught the attention of many by his sensational work. This Hemanth Joseph is a security researcher in Kerala and he has now identified a bug in iOS version of Apples OS. It is now revealed that by this he was able to bypass the activation lock in the ipad. Sensational isn’t it!!

What is amazing here is the activation lock in Appple iPhone or iPad is usually regarded as tough to hack and nobody except the owner could do it. This young man Hemanth Joseph now doing it has created sensation. It is now said that he used his brain to find a weakness in the device set up process running iOS 10.1 and he was able to bypass the activation lock. It is important to mention that this youngster chose ‘’other network’’ and chose WPA2 enterprise as the type of network to connect to as a result of which he got three input fields like name, user name and password to fill.

It is now revealed that there was no restriction in characters in those fields and he used this to his advantage and typed many characters close to thousands and that led to the crash of the software.

He later found that iPad froze and used Apple magnetic Smart Cover over the screen to lock it. It is now revealed that the cover was opened by him and device crashed to iOS home screen. By this technique Hemanth Joseph was able to bypass the activation lock present in the iPhone and iPad. Brilliant Hemant Joseph!!

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