Kim Jong Dae- This Korean based geomagnetic compass maker speaks openly about his profession and is superb


Not many in this world would take up a job like this Kim Jong Dae. This geomagnetic compass maker is Korea’s pride and he has attracted the attention of many all over with his sensational work as geo-magnetic compass maker. Superb isn’t it!!

It is important to note that making geo-magnetic compass is not an easy job and it requires sitting for long hours continuously. This Kim Jong Dae has been doing this work for many years and is now finding it tough to sit continuously for long periods of time due to reduced vision plus back pain.

Yundo is another name for this geo-magnetic compass and this man feels happy and proud that he has inherited the legacy of his family. It is amazing that this making of geo-magnetic compass has been going on for nearly 300 plus years and he since his young age got used to making it and he learned from his uncles.

It is now said that at the north Seoul’s Grand Exhibition of Korean Intangible Cultural Heritages this humble 82 year old Kim Jong Dae showed many visitors his craftsmanship and surprised many. It is great to mention that this event was supported by many government agencies and the main objective of this event was to showcase traditional craft works of Korea.

It is also said that a persons involved in this work has to be strong enough as making of geo-magnetic compass involve many physical works like cutting jujube trees, carving onto hard surface symbols etc.

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