On the Republic Day in the year 2018 a startup named ”Team Indus” would be hoisting Indian flag on the moon

Pic: YouTube

Hoisting an Indian national flag on the surface of the moon!! This dream could become a reality soon. It is now revealed that a start-up would send a robot to moon so that our Indian national flag could be hoisted on the moon and pictures would be taken. It is now said that this would be a big boost to India’s space programme.

It is superb to hear that ”Team Indus’’ is the name of the start-up that is planning to hoist Indian flag on the moon in January 2018. The great piece of information that is brought out is ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization had signed an agreement with this Team Indus in the process of hoisting the flag on the surface of the moon.

It is also now said that PSLV or polar satellite launch vehicle would be employed so that rover could be sent to the moon and pictures could be taken from there. This 320tonne PSLV must meet ISROs specifications so that it could be allowed to hoist flag on the moon. It was in the year 2010 Team Indus with 100 people was first formed with an objective to send rover or lander to the surface of the moon. It is interesting to note here that the prestigious Google Lunar XPRIZE is at stake.

In the year 2007 was announced a competition where prize money of mammoth 20 milion would be given to privately aided teams that would send its robot to the moon’s surface and that would take pictures. According to team leader at Team Indus Mr. Rahul Narayan their team of young and energetic individuals would work actively to send robot to moon by December 2017. Superb!!

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