Quotes of French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet


Here in the United States you can get another chance. Some people apply five times before they get in. You cannot do that in Europe. You have one chance. Either you’re picked the first time, or 15 years later when there’s a second time, you’re too old. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself at the beginning of the selection, because if you look at the whole thing then chances are you’re going to freak out.

I realize that I ticked, if not all of the boxes, then most of the boxes. So I gave it a shot. You can imagine the day the selection comes out, the stakes are really, really high. Even now it’s a little bit scary at times. I think, isn’t there someone better than me? They should have someone better than me.

If you’re not afraid, it doesn’t mean you’re brave, it means you’re crazy.

Courage is all about realizing your fears and then trying to overcome them.

And it’s natural to be afraid. The day I climb on the rocket, I’ll be a little bit afraid, to be honest, because it IS scary. Courage is all about realizing that, and still going.

It’s really a long process for me to learn from these two guys, and I think we’re in good shape now.

It’s going to be exciting. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything in my suitcase for that big upcoming trip!

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