Quotes of Russian Astronaut Oleg Novitskiy

Pic: Unexplained Mysteries

I think that’s my childhood dream because any child, I remember when I was a kid I remember looking into the dark sky with stars, and it was like a magnet.

After I grew up I realized that it’s not as easy to become a cosmonaut, so I picked the shortest route. I entered a military flight school.

When I worked as a pilot, as a commander, I had completely different tasks. So thinking about spaceflight was somewhere in the back of my head, somewhere inside of me, and I didn’t display it externally very often.

We’re going to finish out the testing of the new Soyuz vehicle in realtime conditions.

We’re going to finish the testing of the radio control system, there have been some upgrades to the propulsion system, the navigation system has been upgraded and we’re going to finish the tests. I’m sure they will go great.