SEO experts in India: Top 5 Reasons to select only Google Certified Experts

Businessman holding seo word.
Businessman holding seo word.

Any online marketer who desires to be at the top of search engine rankings has to use the right keywords and search engine optimization techniques. However, Google has incorporated so many changes into its ranking algorithm over the last few years that the average SEO expert will not know the tricks of the trade. On the other hand, a Google-certified SEO expert will be well-versed in using Google Analytics and Google Adwords to your advantage.

Here’s the Google certification of Mr. Abhishek Shah, the “Informantion Analyst & Digital Sales Head” of Ally Digital Media:

Google Analytics Certification Abhishek Shah

If you are wondering why you should select Google-certified SEO experts to run and manage your online marketing campaigns, here are five compelling reasons:

1) Optimized Performance of Adwords

An SEO expert certified by Google knows the ins and outs of pay-per-click practices besides being a master of Adwords and the applications related to it. This enables the specialist to choose the right keywords to convert online ads. The expert has access to advanced Google Analytics features to monitor and analyze specific keywords and online ads. As a result, they will develop the best SEO strategy to help your business stay ahead of the competition as well as focus on areas that require improvement.

2) Beat the Competition with Google Beta Features

Google beta features are not open to all and sundry. Rather, just certified partners get privy to new features and applications that they can test for a year before it is released for the public. So, just imagine the advantage your business will reap if you can use these marketing features long before your competition get access to them? It will help your business surge to the forefront quite easily.

3) Benefit from Evolving PPC Strategies

Pay-per-click ads have helped business laser target their audience. However, the practices related to PPC ads are constantly changing and evolving to ensure online marketers get maximum benefits. A Google-certified SEO expert has the advantage of being able to attend free training sessions to keep abreast of the latest developments in PPC and they use this knowledge to ensure PPC ads reach their potential and offer tangible results.

4) Innovative Approaches to Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is more than just Adwords and a search engine optimized website. It involves a multi-pronged approach that SEO experts certified by Google tend to be aware of. Besides split testing ads, backlinking, and other online marketing endeavors, these specialists are not averse to experimentation to target diverse demographics that fall within your business’ target market. This makes your search engine marketing efforts more result-oriented, ensuring a great return on investment.

5) Get an Optimized Website and Social Media Pages

It goes without saying that you need an online presence, but something that prospective customers can find with ease. This is where choosing the right keywords makes a huge difference. Google-certified SEO experts have the knowledge and skills to select and craft the right keywords into your website and social media pages. This propels you to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for specific keywords. This technique is used by experts to drive organic traffic to your website.

Google is more than a search engine; it is a marketing powerhouse and only a Google-certified SEO expert in India has the skills and knowledge to tap this powerhouse so that your business can succeed in a highly competitive digital market.

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