The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant in Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu, India can generate the power needed for 1,50,000 homes


The state of Tamil Nadu has added one more feather to its list of glories and Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu is now in the news. It is now said that world’s largest solar power plant in Kamuthi in the state of Tamil Nadu is sensational. This 648MW capacity solar power plant was inaugurated in the month of September and it must be noted that this plant was set by the famous Adani Group.

A mammoth amount of Rs 4550 crores were spent in setting of this solar power plant in Kamuthi in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is amazing that an area of about 5000 acres has been utilized for setting up of solar power plant and around 8000 people worked to make it possible in the stipulated time period. It is tremendous to mention that this solar power plant has 3.8 lakh foundations, 25 lakh solar modules combined with 27000m of structures, 6000km length cables etc.

The piece of information that would make every citizen of India feel proud and happy is after China and USA India from 2017 would become third biggest solar power market. It is now revealed that India by the year 2020 would be powering around 60 million homes with the sun and by this government of India’s objective to generate 40% of its power from non-fossil fuels would be achieved.

One of the major benefit of this solar power is it reduces air pollution that is responsible for so many health issues etc. Superb effort!!

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