These two women Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie Taylor who founded apps called ”Mush”shares many things about their lives as business persons and they are sensational

Pic: Facebook

It is not often we come across women entrepreneurs like Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie Taylor in our lives. These two women have launched apps where loneliness issue of mothers would be solved. These two women are now spoken highly by many for their superb work.

It must be noted that this apps was launched in the month of April but has already got superb user base. One superb piece of information that has come out now is 30 mothers have met using the amazing apps and they are very happy about this. Sarah Hesz spoke about how this idea of launching apps for mothers came into being. Sarah Hesz spoke about how she met Katie Massie Taylor in a cold playground and how she was desperate to have adult conversation. She also said that there were many mothers with their kids who also wanted to have adult conversations but could not. This made Sarah Hess and Katie MassieTaylor to launch apps that could help many mothers and this Mush is now proving to be a boon for many mothers with kids.

Sarah Hesz and Katie MassieTaylor also shared their thoughts about how being own boss has got many advantages as well as issues. It is said that balance between work and life is superb and the issue is as a businesswomen one cannot one cannot relax completely. They both shared some motivational tips for members regarding setting of goal and managing success plus failure equally.

Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie Taylor further expressed their happiness regarding their entrepreneurship and launching of technology start-ups. Great duo!!


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