This largest telescope located at the Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad in Pakistan helps many people to see outer space from Earth and is sensational


Located at the roof of the Institute of Space Technology building in Islamabad a telescope in Pakistan has caught the attention of many. It is now confirmed that this telescope is the country’s largest telescope which is present 17 kilometres from the Zero Point on the Expressway of Islamabad in Pakistan.

This telescope is now spoken highly by the scientists and students who have great interest in space and the good news about this is it is now said that anybody with interest in space would be able to visit this with permission. It is important to note that night time is considered as the best time when one can see the space without disturbances.

It is superb to note that after rainfall one could get clear vision of the space as there would be no dust at all. It is now brought out that in the month of May the planet Mars neared Earth and this was captured by this telescope amazingly. According to Mr Waqas Zubairi who is working as research assistant, Institute of Space Technology the telescope has got 0.4 metre sized mirror and is the largest functional telescope in Pakistan. He also spoke about the outer Space, Milky Way etc could be seen using this magnificent telescope.

According to Dr Fazeel Mahmood Khan who is supervisor at the institute this telescope was set up two years back and helps people to have a look at the stars, star clusters etc that are located at great distances from Earth. It must be noted that Andromeda present at a mammoth distance of 2.5 million light years away from Earth could also be seen by this amazing telescope. Fantastic!!

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