This upcoming stealth action adventure game titled ‘’Dishonoured 2’’ designed by Arkane studios and published by Bethesda Softworks is sensational

Pic: Facebook/Dishonored 2

Stealth action adventure game named ‘’Dishonoured 2’’ developed by Arkane studios has been the topic of discussion now by many. Bethesda Softworks located in Maryland in USA is a famous video game publisher and it was founded in the year 1986.

It must be noted that this company that was a video game developer before is involved in publishing of Bethesda Game Studio. It is now confirmed that this ‘’Dishonoured 2’’ would be published by Bethesda Softworks. The date 11th of November in 2016 is very important because on this day the video game ‘’Dishonoured 2’’ would be released for Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4.

The trailer that was released about this game has caught many people’s attention and is spoken all over. It is now said that some changes to the first evolutionary level of design has been made and the adaptive resolution this new game gives is superb. Coastal city of Karnaca is involved in this new game and the game is set here. Another superb piece of information that is brought out is the players could take part as either Emily or Corvo Attano. It is surprising to hear that the silent character of Corvo Attano would be made to speak in the latest version and it would be superb.

It is now said that the pre-orders were superb and liked by many and got many positive reviews. It is now revealed that the idea to have a sequel to the original ‘’Dishonoured’’ came when downloadable content was developed. The directors are Raphael Colantanio and Harvey Smith and they have done amazingly to make this latest game highly attractive.

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