This world’s first water wave laser that emits beam by water and light interaction

Pic: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

New discoveries are always regarded highly by many all over and create noises. One such is the news regarding scientists who have discovered water wave laser. It is now said that this water wave laser that could emit beam by the interaction between light and water and it is the first of its kind in the world. It is also said that this water wave laser could be used for many cell biology studies etc.

One interesting piece of information that must be mentioned here is this water wave laser in future could be used in small sensors where light waves, sound waves as well as water waves would be combined.

According to the researchers this water wave laser offers a playground where the interaction between light and fluid could be studied and the surprising part is this scale is said to be even smaller when compare to the width of human hair. This research study was done by the scientists at the famous Israel institute of Technology and the study combines both non-linear optics plus water waves and that is exciting as these two topics was regarded non related to each other previously.

In the journal Nature Photonics the studies were published and they are superb. According to professor Tal Carmon who is the head of the team and his team of research people water wave oscillations inside a liquid device could generate laser radiations.

Professor Tal Carmon also spoke about how possibility of creating laser from light and water was not considered previously because of differences in the high frequency of light wave oscillations and low frequency of water wave oscillations.

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