Wow!! This new app ‘’Hawa Badlo’’ would be very useful for the people of Delhi to report on likely pollutants and is superb

Pic: Tech2 – Firstpost

Pollution is very important issue in many cities in India and it causes many health based issues to the public. Many measures are being taken over the years to prevent pollution. Recently the news that an apps would be useful for people of Delhi to report on the likely pollutants has been spoken greatly by many.

This app is called by the name ‘’Hawa Badlo’’ meaning ”Change the Air” and is said to have two versions. Firstly the apps could be used by the people in Delhi to take photographs of the likely pollutants and second version is helpful for the concerned authorities to investigate and take actions on the reports received from the public.

It is shocking to note that this city of Delhi is more affected by pollution more in the cold months and the air becomes greyish haze. Many attempts to keep an eye on this pollution in Delhi in the past did not meet with much success.

It is important to note that this new app designed for people was launched by Environmental Pollution Authority that was set up due to orders from the SC. It must be noted that there were previous attempts to keep a check on pollution by the government such as stricter emission norms for cars, tax on diesel based trucks entering Delhi etc and these measures were spoken by many.

It is also brought out that during winter months limit on the presence of cars on the Delhi roads were also followed to curb pollution.

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