Wow!!This banking robot named ”Lakshmi” is India’s first banking robot ever and does many banking works at superb speeds

Representational Pic: Wikipedia

The date 10th of November in the year 2016 would always remain special. It must be noted that on that day India’s first ever banking robot ”Lakshmi”was launched and it made its presence felt in the bank with many customers.

It is superb to note that this banking robot ‘’Lakshmi’’ was launched by Kumbakonam City Union Bank or KCUB and is highly interactive and fast. This robot has now attracted the attention of many people all over. As the first on-site helper this banking robot ‘’Lakshmi’’ is sensational. Now it is brought out that another bank HDFC is also experimenting with robots for its banking services to many customers. It is now said that humanoid version is being tested in the lab and it would soon be doing many banking related works associated with HDFC.

The various activities done by this banking robot ‘Lakshmi’’ are it gives details regarding account balance plus interest rates for loans. Apart from these it also provides details about the deferred charges when fixed deposit account is closed. It is super to hear that this robot is also programmed to answer queries related to core banking and transactions history etc could be known with the help of this banking robot. According to N. Kamakodi who is the managing director and CEO of KCUB this banking robot ‘’Lakshmi’’ could flash answers on its display quickly. It is also said that this robot speaks English very casually in relaxed manner and it is easily understood by the customers.

Latest news is this KCUB would be programming robots that could greet the customers in Tamil language also and there are plans to have 25 to 30 such banking robots in different branches of City Union Bank. Sensational!!

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